What is OTC trading?

    OTC stands for Over-the-Counter, in the literal translation — bypassing the counter. This term refers to over-the-counter trading carried out directly between customers and market makers. In such a case, the seller and the buyer enter into a transaction directly with each other, usually with the assistance of third parties. For a long time, OTC trading has been an important tool in the traditional financial market, but in 2018 it found wide application in the field of cryptocurrencies.

    Why do market participants choose OTC trading?

    Market participants can opt out of traditional exchanges in favor of OTC for a number of reasons, including price stability, speed of execution, security and privacy.

    What impact does regulation have on OTC trading?

    As the cryptocurrency faced with regulation, safety recommendations and other tests, they will be more prepared for competition in the traditional investment. Growing demand at the institutional level requires deeper and more permanent liquidity. Often, cryptocurrency exchanges cannot meet these liquidity requirements, which gives additional impetus to the expansion of the OTC trading market.







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